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Is it Hard to Stay Home With Your Kids in The Quarantine?

Updated: May 20, 2020

If So, you need to read this.

Yes. It can be hard to stay home.

It is especially hard with this mandatory home quarantine. After all, who would predict that March 2020 would be marked by this such unprecedented event in everybody’s lives – Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Is was unexpected and came to change lives.

This makes us feel powerless. The fear of the unknown virus, the uncertainty future, isolation, and the mandated home-schooling for our kids force us to change the perspectives of our lives, at least for a while.

Do you remember when we used to say on Wednesdays – “Two more days for Friday!” or on Fridays say “TGIF”? So now, why don’t we enjoy staying home with our kids?

We often hear on TV, people complaining about staying home without work with their children and family.

Well, we must be honest. Humans like freedom and social interactions. It makes us feel comfortable, safe, and alive. However, in this case, we have no autonomy to relate with one another, our routine got hijacked, and we have to stay sheltered-in for days. We put our lives in hold and we struggle to stop. We put on hold; work, school, weddings, birthdays, graduations, sports events, gatherings, and even funerals.

Consequently, if you are struggling to stay home, you must keep reading this story. It is about how changing perspectives, and resetting our mindset can make a big difference in our live.

This is my testimony.

I started working when I was 14 years old. I had my first baby when I was 34 years old. So, 20 years working and studying. My life was non-stop. When I had my first baby, I stopped working, I stop studying. In the beginning, I felt good, because after all, I was home with my first baby and I loved every minute of it. He is an amazing boy.

The time passed by, and I started to become anxious. I started thinking - “WOW, life is happening so fast, and I am here in the park with my son, just walking around, with my job on hold.” I thought people would think that I was lazy and that I was not doing much.

So, I stayed home for 4 months, went back to work and after one year, I had my second son. I stopped working and studying again, and all my thoughts came back.

Then, one day something clicked, and I realized that “doing nothing” was not exactly the truth. I was cooking, cleaning, taking care of two wonderful boys, and trying to be my best.

"So, I decided to change my mindset, and I changed the way I thought about my entire life."

Well, since that day on, I enjoyed 100% the time with them. My husband and I played on the floor with them, read with them, taught the alphabet, how to read, write, shapes, colors, sizes, and everything that we could.

We played on the carpet for hours, building structures with Legos and blocks, cars, and toys. We made tents with sheets and chairs, sang, danced, played ball, took pictures… We even had tea parties (a lot of them by the way). At 4-years old, my sons were reading. In first grade, they were in advanced honors classes. The time I spent with them ended up being the paramount for their academic and socio-emotional development.

I realized that I could never had the same satisfaction in any other job out there, compared with the satisfaction of being a mom 100% of the time. I can say with no doubts, that was the best time of my life… and it is priceless.

"The power of allowing ourselves to change perspectives and reset our mindset for happiness was a transforming experience."

Try today. If you catch yourself complaining about staying home with your child, having to be the “teacher”- maybe you can switch your mindset and enjoy it. Try to enjoy this time, while it lasts.

Your child is in pre-k for not long. In September, they will be in Kindergarten already. It will be another step in their lives. Pre-Kindergarten is a time to play, learning simple academic and social-emotional concepts with fun, engagement, interest, respect, acceptance, and love.

"So, make the it counts for you and your child."

Finally, do not forget. Since the first day of your child' life, you were the best teacher. You taught how to eat, smile, talk, use the bathroom, crawl, walk, run, play ball... Now, just trust the teacher within you. Sit on the floor and play. The teacher in you will come instinctively and the learning will happen, with fun and enjoyment!

Play, Laugh, Teach, and Enjoy!

With Love,

Silvana Hoti

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